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Why open-heeled SCUBA fins?  Why not the snorkeling ones?

Scuba fins are long and stiff so they push lots of water; this is necessary because you are moving a lot of stuff through the water that isn’t exactly super hydrodynamic.  Often you will see snorkel combos are you local sporting goods stores.  These fins are great for snorkeling because they fit comfortably on your bare feet or thin aqua socks; however are very poo scuba fins since they are often very flimsy and will not fit over a SCUBA bootie.  Open heeled SCUBA fins are the…  Details

scuba-1With pristine white-sand beaches surrounded by azure water, Quang Nam Province’s Cham Island is renowned for both its legendary beauty and vast biodiversity.

Situated 25 nautical miles off the coast of central Quang Nam Province’s Hoi An Town, Cham Island (commonly known in Vietnamese as Cu Lao Cham) actually consists of seven islets named according to their shapes and characteristics.

Individually, they are known as the Lao (pear), Dai (long), La (leaf), Kho (dry), Tai (ear), Mo (tomb), and Nom (east wind) islands.

The scenic landscape is ideal for camping, swimming and scuba diving with a stunning array of coral and marine life…  Details










Stoked News will be traveling to Panama or Costa Rica in Oct ’09.  The plan is to write a series of articles on the places, accommodations, restaurants, bars, entertainment and other activities of interest to you

Where and what should we do?  What do you want to see pictures, videos and read about?