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As promised, here is a recommendation for an offbeat place to stay in northeastern Puerto Rico. The town is Luquillo and we stayed in the Playa Azul area. I picked this location because it’s close to San Juan, it has beautiful beaches and is near the rainforests for hiking. The rental rates are also very reasonable…  I’ll also share a re-cap of an awesome sailing and snorkeling trip we took on the Erin Go Bragh sailboat. I’ve done quite a few sailing excursions, but this was the best one ever!

There are fantastic luxury resorts in San Juan, but our family wanted a laid-back place to stay and we prefer a condominium. I found the perfect spot for us in Luquillo about 30 minutes east of San Juan. I rented a two bedroom condo from the owner and you can see from the reviews, others share my very positive opinion of this condo and location! The owner also has a three bedroom penthouse unit if you need an extra bedroom. There are many nice condos to rent in the area…  Details

…  Dean’s Blue Hole, Long Island, Bahamas

A blue hole is created when the ceiling to an ancient cave system collapses in the ocean — Dean’s is thought to be the world’s deepest. Fin your way off the powder-white beach and watch the sand go from 5 to more than 600 feet deep in just a few kicks.

On-site secret: I found I could circumnavigate the entire blue hole by swimming along the cliff base and sandy shoals. On a light-wind day, it’s easy to snorkel the protective reef near the mouth of the small bay.

Keep an eye out for: jacks, tarpon, turtles, the occasional dolphin or porpoise — almost anything can wander in. Small reef fish …  Details

So we ventured into the unknown; Elias Matus, reservations manager for the Rainforest and Reef Resorts of Belize, my fourteen year old son, Gianni Tonti and me, Peter Tonti, CFO and Business Manager for The Lodge at Chaa Creek, in search of some hands-on experience with the island portion of our Inland/Island Adventure Package with Turneffe Flats. 

An hour and a half boat ride from Belize City led us to our destination, Turneffe Flats. We arrived around 5:00 pm, had dinner and called it a day, ensuring we got a good night rest for what was in stored for us the following day. 

After a hearty breakfast, our fun-filled day began. We headed North-West of …  Details

Video Scuba Snorkeling – Freediving en El Natural y Crash Boat, Aguadilla PR