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Owner:   Gordon Tronson

In the world of hot-rodding there are few cars that are going to leave as big an impression as this – the 1927 Ford Model T custom  simply known as “Double-Trouble”. It rides on a custom-built tube chassis that’s fabricated from 1.5-inch tube. Is powered by two 4.6-liter modular V8s from Ford with four, count ’em, FOUR superchargers for an approximate power output of around 1,200 hp. It also utilizes the rear-end (inboard disc brakes and all) from an early Jaguar. It’s a rolling a Hot Wheels car and a masterpiece of engineering that is sure to make all your naughty bits tingle.

Bayless woodie 1Gary is an old family friend of Stoked News.  There is no one who enjoys his ride more than Gary and his home built, wine barrel woodie.  He is a San Francisco native, has lived in Sonoma County since the early 1970s and worked in both the retail and wine businesses. He has been married to his high school sweetheart for 43 years and has four sons.

“I was born and raised four blocks from the beach in the Sunset District, near Jack O’Neill’s first wetsuit/surf shop. At a young age I figured out the purpose of those waves crashing on the beach: riding ’em!

In high school, surfing was a passion, but as a “grom,” it was hard to get to the great waves. I always bummed rides from older friends until I was able to purchase a very used 1957 VW bus. I put a used bed in the back, and it became the surf-trip ride for my friends and me to hit the beach when the surf was up.

After spending some time in Da Nang, Vietnam in 1967, I came home to marry my high school sweetheart. We moved to Pleasure Point in Santa Cruz   … ”  Great pictures and more

Bayless woodie

Mike Burroughs unveils his latest build: A 1928 Ford Model A Hot Rod with a BMW power plant towering out of the hood. What better way to celebrate than by kicking up dirt on the El Mirage dry lake bed. Head to for the full feature article.

Documenting the talents of amazing people who happen to surf.

Iconic surfer Rob Machado has traveled the world for more than half his life. And during that time, he’s crossed paths with countless individuals who share a love for surfing and a passion for the arts. In his new series called Through The Lens, we meet these individuals and follow Rob as he re-connects with the people who’ve inspired him along the way.

This episode features Jay Nelson, a San Francisco-based artist who specializes in a unique type of automobile customization. This past winter, Jay drove down to Rob’s house in Cardiff, CA, where the two worked together to build out the inside of Rob’s van and create the ultimate surf mobile.