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We’ve all want to jump into a car, preferably a car you waved down in the streets and said, “Police emergency, gimme your damn car, goddammit!” and head off down the road crashing into wayward dustbins and fruit stalls. Before embarking on a high speed chase across dust tracks, concrete roads, tarmac’d race tracks, children’s playgrounds. Anything. Smashing up all that gets in your path, including the very old and the very young – especially the very old and the very young – with a flagrant disregard for the rules of the road and the safety of others. Who wouldn’t?

The problem is you’d either be arrested or die. So we live out those fantasies by watching wheel-screeching, metal-grinding, whip-lash inducing, speed-loving car chases…  Details & the Videos

daveFifty nine year old San Francisco Bay Area native Dave Schaub is going on the trip of a lifetime this fall. The Los Gatos, California resident and founder of Schaub’s Meat, Fish and Poultry located in Palo Alto, California will set out Tuesday, September 8th to drive his 1932 Ford hot rod roadster through all 49 continental United States in just nine days. That’s 9,800 miles in just 216 hours. For every mile he travels, Schaub is encouraging followers and supporters to donate a penny or more to the Ronald McDonald House at Stanford.

An experienced adventurist with many years of cross country hot rod journeys under his belt, Schaub is supremely confident he can go the distance. “I’m doing this because people said it couldn’t be done and I’ve always wanted to find a cool way to help some kids in need,” he said. “It’s going to be hard. It will be the ultimate reliability run to test the mettle of me and my machine. I got excited about the whole concept a few years ago through the Iron Butt Association – a group of motorcyclists who …  Details

Trip Details & schedule:  Details

Follow Dave on his trip by real time Internet & GPS – Coming Soon