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Had the idea to transfer from BMX to Scooter over a Mega Ramp for a long time and I finally try to make that dream a reality, but not without a few challenges first! I also managed to stomp myself a new World First trick on Scooter and watch my mates throwdown as well.

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2 People, 1 Long Scooter jumping 1 Massive Backyard Mega Ramp! You all asked for it, so Harley Allen and I decided to accept the challenge. But it didn’t go all to plan as you will see! – Ryan Williams

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Go behind the scenes of “Duct Out”

We’ve all been there—trapped in gridlock, inching along at a snail’s pace, slowly losing our sanity and wishing we could break free. In “Duct Out,” freeride motocross riders Tyler Bereman and Robbie Maddison do exactly that—they escape Los Angeles holiday weekend traffic by parking their truck, hopping on their dirt bikes and ripping through the city landscape to make it their personal playground. They pass iconic landmarks, tear through back alleys and crisscross the LA river aqueduct on their mission to navigate the path less travelled and escape the city’s freeway congestion.

Highlights along the way include the two riders taking a shortcut through the middle of Los Angeles City Hall, built in 1928, Bereman jumping the gap on Upper S. Grand Ave. with lower S. Grand Ave 34 feet below, and Maddison jumping from the 1st Street Bridge down into the Los Angeles River a whopping 46 feet below.

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The wait is over, Ryan Williams Web Edit 3 is finally here!

So much blood, sweat and tears went into this video, I couldn’t even begin to imagine how many hours I have spent trying to land these tricks but this video makes it all worth it. Set your goals high and believe in yourself all the way, your only as good as your mind allows you to be!

This was 5 years in the making and the perfect follow up to Web Edit 2 which was one of the biggest turning points of my career and opened up so many doors for me, including Nitro Circus.

I included both Scooter and BMX tricks in Web Edit 3 because I want to relieve the tension between action sports and help everyone realise we are all doing it for the same reason, to have fun. I ride BMX and scooter and I enjoy everyday of it. My biggest wish is to grant everyone the ability to go have fun riding whatever they like without being ridiculed by others for their chosen sport.

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