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In 2019, Quiksilver will celebrate 50 years.

The iconic Southern California brand has been through it all as one of the founding members of an industry that, today, has evolved and grown beyond anything that could have been forecasted.

But Quik, like many companies, has faced its fair share of growing pains over the years — most recently, filing for Chapter 11 for its US operations and undergoing an aggressive global restructuring  …  More

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Hawaii knows how to do bikinis!
2016 Billabong Pipe Masters was ????

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This year has been a busy one in terms of acquisitions within action and adventure sports.

It’s no secret that consolidation is happening within our industry, but some of the brighter stories are also found within companies taking their business private once again (Electric), and smaller brands scaling their business with reinforced infrastructure (Salty Crew).

Below, a look back on the year that was 2016   …  More

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Marquee Brands, who recently purchased fashion brand Ben Sherman and Italian luxury brand Bruno Magli, has acquired Body Glove; Meistrell family will remain a minority interest

Family-owned for more than 60 years, Body Glove is handing over the reigns to licensing acquisition and development company Marquee Brands, based out of New York and London.

Founded in Redondo Beach, California by the Meistrell family, Body Glove will remain in its home town.

Marquee plans to set up shop on the west coast in order to better manager its newest portfolio member.

Here’s more from the companies:   …  More

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