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You did not dream it. There on NBC on Friday night was Drew Barrymore steering an electric Ford Focus between plastic palm trees and wobbly Al Gore dummies on a track painted like something out of the Big Top…

Barrymore is the first celebrity to compete in the Green Car Challenge on the new “Jay Leno Show”, which debuted this week on NBC. 

The sight of A-list stars having fun in a C02-free car on national TV a couple of times a week has the potential to convert both the actors and the audience to the new generation of zero emission cars like, say, Ford’s coming all-electric Focus, which  …  Details

The latest issue of Sports Car Magazine (SCCA’s magazine) had an article where they tested all the top street tires for autocross. Thought I’d share the article highlights for those looking at STX tires (or maybe just a more durable, cheaper substitute for R-comps).

All tires were tested on a STX spec 2005 Mazda RX-8 running 265/35/18 tires on 18X9 wheels. Curbweight of the RX-8 was 2800 lbs. (driver not included).

Another important note was that all tires were shaved to 3/32″ tread depth to mimic a top national driver’s setup.

Track conditions were all sunny and dry. Ambient temperature at 75 with a track temp of 105.

Breakdown of the Tires:   Details

So my last article covered the actual logistics in regards to drifting, why it’s popular and perhaps why you should or should not drift yourself. This article is covering why you should AutoX instead, save some coin, be happy and drift later, but better.

Auto X according to Wikipedia “Autocross is a form of motorsports that emphasizes safe, low-cost competition and active participation. An autocross is a timed competition where drivers navigate one at a time through a temporary course marked by traffic cones, rather than racing on a track with multiple other cars, as in road racing or oval racing. Autocross tends to place more emphasis on …  Details

Smoke is everywhere. It bursts into the cabin through the STI’s windows, the roof vent and the hole around the shift lever. It finds its way between imperceptibly small gaps in the floor and it bellows from the holes in the carbon-fiber dashboard like fumes from the nostrils of a turbocharged dragon.

There’s no escape. It wafts up your pants, down your shirt, soaks in your sinuses and bores ruthlessly through the Nomex in your fireproof Piloti driving shoes. And it has brutal staying power. Even when it’s gone, it still stinks — a sour, pungent stink that’s unmistakably burning rubber…  Details, Pictures & Video

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