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At the so-called “Rock Cobbler” bike race in California this weekend, at least one unlucky cyclist tempted fate by attempting to ride past a bull which was standing on the bike trail… The cyclist lost.

Tony Inderbitzin, the cyclist in the below video, told Cowboy State Daily that the bull attacked four cyclists altogether. Tony’s spill with the bull, however, was captured in full video and audio glory.

As Inderbitzin neared the bull, the bull squared up reminiscent of Bill Laimbeer in the paint. No one crosses without going down.

And the biker went down not only once but twice. As he began to recover from the first collision, the bull went after him — again like Laimbeer — scooping the poor guy up and then flipping him. Onlookers were horrified but at the same time, it sounded like the Professional Bull Riders at CFD.

“Hey, hey, whooaaa!” they screamed. “Hey now, wow, whoa. Dammit. Wow!”

As for Mr. Inderbitzin, he’s hurting — just like a bull rider.

“I’m sore all over, mostly the neck from the 2nd throw, I got whiplashed,” Inderbitzin told Cowboy State Daily on Sunday. “The list of what’s doesn’t hurt is my left arm & head.”

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Snowboarding by Mark Wilson, Pat Moore, Melissa Riitano, Nick Erickson, Bar Dadon, Noah Brown, Gabe Ferguson, Sage Kotsenburg, and Parker Szumowski. Cameos by Noah Peterson, Jonas Harris, Dan McGonagle, and Curtis Ciszek.

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Me and Sam Pilgrim got to ride insanely cool dirt jump trails in South Africa – Cape Town along with Urban mtb freeride / street riding! After tons of bike riding we decided to hop on the motor bikes and ride in the desert! Dune riding have always been on my bucket list so that was a huge success! We ended up with some sick cake bike riding (electric motor bikes) on the MTB downhill trails!

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