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The rise, fall, and rebirth of Christian Hosoi, the young man who helped skateboarding re-emerge as a major cultural influence in the 1980s. The inventive skater and businessman was incarcerated in 2000 for trafficking controlled substances across state lines, and since his parole in 2004, the Born-Again Christian has dedicated his life to being a good father and positive influence on the sport.  Narrated by Dennis Hopper RIP

The average surfer’s growth pattern is the same. After learning the ropes at the nearest possible wave, we yearn for more variety, and quickly venture forth to all the A-list spots we’ve heard about. At 16, armed with a driver’s license and any form of transportation that goes uphill without pedaling, there’s no part of the coast that’s safe. Friends kick-start trips with angel round investments in gasoline and donuts. And for those brief few years before real life sets in   …  More

If your daily surf commute leans more towards Nat Geo than PCH, you’re probably Pete Devries. Get amongst the wilderness (and super fun waves) in this coldwater One & Only.