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Accenture – “Surfing Elephant”-Spot (Director’s Cut / 2010), directed by Thierry Poiraud. Produced at Paranoid US, Los Angeles

Airing Saturday, January 9, at 9:00pm ET/PT and re-airing several more times over the next month, FUEL TV will showcase ‘The TransWorld SURF Model Search 2007.’ And at 9:30pm ET/PT, FUEL TV will air the ‘TransWorld SURF Swimsuit Issue 2008.’

For the “The TransWorld SURF Model Search 2007,” the wildly successful TransWorld SURF Model Search is brought to life again with another group of beautiful women from across the U.S. Taking Jenna Putnam, winner of the TransWorld SURF Model Search, and hand picking an amazing cast to join her in the photo shoot  …  details

So, I know there’s a bit of a rumor going around the youth culture/action sports/industry insider/shred dog circles that sportswear mogul, Nike, is going to buy Burton Snowboards.

As it turns out, this is not true. But more on that later.

What I am interested in here is not only that an until-recently-non-endemic company is looking to buy a boardsports company, but that there is yet another buyout in the air. Let’s remember that in February of 2006, Burton bought Channel Islands  …  Details