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Alana Surfer Girl (Season 3, episode 3): Pro surfer Alana Blanchard’s calendar leading up to the US Open in Huntington Beach, California is packed with obligations beyond surfing including filming a T-Mobile commercial followed by a catalog shoot for her sponsor Rip Curl. Alana manages to keep it together and pull off both shoots effortlessly…minus a few hours of sleep. With her eyes on the upcoming US Open, it’s time to paddle out and get focused. Alana talks about how she shares these moments with her fans on social media and how their enthusiasm keeps her motivated to do her best.

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Sitting isolated in the Pacific Ocean, some 600 miles off the coast of Ecuador, are the mysterious Galapagos. We chose these “Enchanted Islands” to host the 2013 Miss Reef Calendar shoot. For generations, this rich archipelago has been celebrated for what it has to teach us about the natural world — countless species in the wild, from the woodlands to sky and sea.

Our team was tasked with the assignment of capturing the true essence of the Galapagos juxtaposed with the Miss Reef sensuality. We feel they captured the best of San Cristobal’s pristine landscapes and charming villages. The 2013 Miss Reef Calendar is dedicated to the welcoming people of Ecuador, particularly the Galápagos and San Cristobal, for their warm hospitality and enthusiasm in collaboration on this project.

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