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An entitled Qatari speed demon who drag raced a Ferrari and a Porsche through a quiet Beverly Hill neighborhood claimed he was protected under diplomatic immunity — and then threatened to have an onlooker killed and yelled “F–k America,” witnesses said.

Police are investigating video from the harrowing Saturday night drag race between a yellow Ferrari LaFerrari with a Qatar license plate and a white Porsche 911. The wild ride ended in front of a $10 million rental home.

Freelance video journalist Jacob Rogers filmed   …  More

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Alana Surfer Girl (Season 3, episode 3): Pro surfer Alana Blanchard’s calendar leading up to the US Open in Huntington Beach, California is packed with obligations beyond surfing including filming a T-Mobile commercial followed by a catalog shoot for her sponsor Rip Curl. Alana manages to keep it together and pull off both shoots effortlessly…minus a few hours of sleep. With her eyes on the upcoming US Open, it’s time to paddle out and get focused. Alana talks about how she shares these moments with her fans on social media and how their enthusiasm keeps her motivated to do her best.

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