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…can’t help thinking how revolting this year’s generation of Formula One cars look.

The best looking of the breed is Lewis Hamilton’s McLaren, largely down to a trademark fancy paintjob, but I’ve seen that close up and it is no prettier in person than it is online.  The problem is the vast fairground-go-kart like front wings and silly, skinny stepladder rear wings mandated by the regulations.

There have been plenty of ugly F1 cars in the past, but their aesthetic offence has often been an effort to…  More info  

Formula One’s rule-makers are poised to present its teams with a dramatic cost-cutting package for 2010 that goes much further than savings already agreed, as the crisis hitting the motor industry threatens more withdrawals from the sport.

With Honda seeking a buyer for its team and other manufacturers suffering a collapse in sales, the Federation International de l’automobile, F1’s governing body, believes that the sport is in a race against time and only a radical reduction in costs can prevent more teams from pulling out.

It wants the costs of competing to fall from upwards of…  More info 

turbo_dynamics_girls1Situated in Wellingborough, Northants Santa Pod Raceway is a popular destination for motorsport fans and attracts people of all ages to its central location in England. Known to be the home of European Drag Racing, Santa Pod is suitably sponsored by one of the world’s leading turbocharger companies, Turbo Dynamics.

The renowned company, also known as TD, has sponsored the raceway since January 2008 and has a presence at a number of the events with staff and TD girls. As well as designing bespoke hybrid turbos for drag, race and rally applications, the company also supply standard turbos for all car makes and service, upgrade and modify turbos…  More info…

With the Daytona 500 fewer than two weeks away, three-time champ and Fox Sports NASCAR analyst Darrell Waltrip shares his thoughts on the upcoming season.

Q: How excited are you to get away from the bad news of the offseason and into racing?
A: Offseasons are always kind of chaotic. You’ve got all these people, and more now than we ever had before, telling you what’s wrong with the sport and how to fix it. That’s what happens when you have a little lull in the activity. Once we get back into racing, it’s more about what’s going on at the track and on the track than it is what’s going on away from the track. A lot of the things we’ve been reading about and hearing about, we’ll be able to put those things to rest. We’re going to have plenty of cars at Daytona. We’re going to have a lot of new teams that are going to show up. I don’t know how long they’re going to be able to hang. But the excitement Daytona generates is a great way to start off the year, particularly this year, when there’s been kind of a lot of gloom and doom.

Q: How big of a deal will it be if Jimmie Johnson wins four titles in a row?
A: I think it’s huge. I really think they can do it. Obviously, the competition is going to come from probably the Roush camp. It looks like it’ll be Carl (Edwards) and Kyle (Busch). But until someone shows me they can go mistake free…  More info…

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