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Because they produce no exhaust gases in operation electric vehicles (EVs) are seen as the eco-friendly alternative to conventional gas-fueled cars. While zero-local emissions is clearly a big plus, other factors contributing to the overall environmental impact of EVs are often overlooked – namely the manufacture, usage and disposal of the batteries used to store the electrical energy and the sources of power used to charge them. Now, for the first time, a team of scientists from the Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Testing and Research (or EMPA) have made a detailed life cycle assessment or ecobalance of the type of lithium-ion batteries most frequently used in EVs, to see if they really are as environmentally friendly as their manufacturers would have us believe. 

Fuel source is the key

The investigation shows that  …  Details

buckeyebullet25The Bullet Buckeye team from Ohio State University has set a world record average two-way speed of 307.7mph (495km/h) with its battery electric Venturi Buckeye Bullet 2.5. The lithium ion battery powered car eclipsed the previous 245mph (394km/h) world land speed record for battery electric vehicles set in 1999 by White Lightning. The new record was set by the Bullet at the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah this week, is pending certification by the Federation Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA), the worldwide motor sports governing body.

The Bullet was required to make two speed runs, one each in opposite directions and within 60 minutes, in order to be considered for the record …  Details

Okay, so maybe you saw the bicycle pedals in the picture.  Forget those for a minute.  You can sit on this thing (no need to pedal), twist the throttle and do 62 miles per hour.  Sure, range is quite limited when you go that fast, and “cruising speed” is substantially slower.

The point is this.  As Jay Leno explains in the video below the specification list from PG-Bikes (in its Germanglish, unedited), the Black Trail is an electric transportation device so light you can pick it up and put it on the bus with you, or put it in the back of your SUV.  According to its manufacturer, you can recharge it 80% in 30 minutes (2-1/2 hours for 100% charge)   …  Details & Pictures


Brammo Enertia vs. Native S vs. Zero S

Who would have thought even three years ago that we’d be comparing three U.S.-manufactured electric street motorcycles priced for popular consumption, and with no less a mission than to change the world?

While Zero, Brammo and Native may only sometimes allude to this intent, anyone paying attention to all the rhetoric pouring forth can see this is a goal in which these small startups seriously hope to play a significant role.

Accordingly, the Zero S, Brammo Enertia and Native S are …  Details & Pictures



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