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Urban freeride on my electric motocross bike – Huge gaps and sends! I ride my SurRon electric motorcycle in the city and find huge gap jumps and mtb freeride spots with my portable kicker ramp, would you ride this?

The SurRon is so much fun, it’s basically an electric pit bike, motocross, MTB hybrid and it can basically be ridden anywhere due to the silence of it. Of course it is still a motorbike so if you get one you need to know the law surrounding this fact. I start the video by finding a huge hipped step down with a huge run up and hill climb in to my MTB hopper ramp it made for some big airtime. From here I then try out the local skatepark and clear the rather big jump box with ease, I love having a throttle! We then hit up a number of different urban MTB freeride spots and send big jumps and gaps and even learn some new tricks, before finishing off at my pit bike track in the woods, epic!!

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Ola CEO Bhavish Aggarwal posted a video on Twitter of stuntmen trying various feats with the company’s new electric scooter. The experts performed wheelies, stoppies, incline jumps, and donuts as cameras captured the action.

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BERLIN (Reuters) -Electric vehicles (EVs) are a powerful weapon in the world’s battle to beat global warming, yet their impact varies hugely from nation-to-nation and in some places they pollute more than gasoline models, data analysis shows.

In Europe, where sales are rising the fastest in the world, EVs in Poland and Kosovo actually generate more carbon emissions because grids are   …  More

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Riding huge full speed jumps on my downhill bike – Audi nines is insane! I ride the huge Freeride Line on my e-Bike before getting on my DH bike and sending huge tricks and big whips, what trick was best?

I start the video off on my Haibike electric mountain bike and test out the huge freeride line jumps here at the Audi Nines freeride MTB event before switching onto my Haibike downhill bike and go big by getting sideways and throwing down big tricks on this amazing course.

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