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It’s pretty logical to ride a skatepark with a bmx, a skateboard or rollerblades but Boulon is a special guy from Marseille In France who rides the legendary bowl of Marseille with his Vespa. everyone who got the chance to see Boulon riding the bowl is stocked and doens’t understand how to ride with a vespa.

As a life-long motorcycle enthusiast, I didn’t know what to think when I was first asked whether I would like to test a large displacement scooter. Ultimately, I tested several, including the Honda Siver Wing, as well as both Suzuki Burgmans (the 650 and the 400). I even tested (along with Barry Winfield) the 3-wheeled Piaggio MP3 500ie. I enjoyed riding them all. So much so, I even considered purchasing a Burgman 400 for short trips . A combination of features impressed me, including   …  More

As the line between scooter and motorcycle continues to blur, enter the new Aprilia SRV 850 . Although we do not have full details (those should be available at EICMA in a few weeks), Aprilia states the SRV 850 will have an 850cc v-twin engine putting out 75 hp and 56 foot-pounds of torque. With what we can see of the chassis (particularly, the swingarm and front end), this appears to be a development of the Gilera GP 800 introduced several years ago, but not available in the U.S. market. The SRV 850 appears to have   …  More

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