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A helmet is the only thing protecting a motorcyclist’s head in the case of a crash. Luckily, helmets are becoming more technologically advanced and rider-friendly every year. Riders can be confused by all the bells and whistles on today’s motorcycle helmets, but many of the features to look for are based on common sense.

It’s extremely important to wear helmets when riding motorcycles, according to Jackie Gillan, president of Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety, but that’s not  …  More

It’s pretty logical to ride a skatepark with a bmx, a skateboard or rollerblades but Boulon is a special guy from Marseille In France who rides the legendary bowl of Marseille with his Vespa. everyone who got the chance to see Boulon riding the bowl is stocked and doens’t understand how to ride with a vespa.

As a life-long motorcycle enthusiast, I didn’t know what to think when I was first asked whether I would like to test a large displacement scooter. Ultimately, I tested several, including the Honda Siver Wing, as well as both Suzuki Burgmans (the 650 and the 400). I even tested (along with Barry Winfield) the 3-wheeled Piaggio MP3 500ie. I enjoyed riding them all. So much so, I even considered purchasing a Burgman 400 for short trips . A combination of features impressed me, including   …  More

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