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The trouble with most vehicles is that you can’t drive them on the sidewalk. Or through a hotel lobby–people tend to object.

Neither of those are concerns with the Ryno, an electric, self-balancing unicycle, the brainchild of Ryno founder Chris Hoffman  …  More

Some women get their nails done or go to book club. For Charlie Thayer, “me” time is tearing through the Santa Cruz Mountains on her neon blue Kawasaki Ninja 250 sport bike.

“You’re out there moving through time and space, present in your surroundings,” says Thayer, 31, of Santa Clara. “There’s also the thrill of going 70 mph. But don’t tell my husband that.”

Thayer represents a growing trend: female motorcycle riders. According to the Motorcycle Industry Council, the number of female operators shot up from 4.3 million in 2003 to 7.1 million in 2009    …  More

As soon as there were internal combustion engines, someone was looking at his bicycle and wondering how to fit the two together. In recent years, there have been quite a few builders making kits to transform bicycles into motorized commuters and some have built bikes emulating the style of those very early years. But, as long as you have wheels and an engine, the obvious next step is racing, right? That’s what Baird Bergenthal and a few of his friends thought. They’re in Tuscon, Arizona and after riding these racers around for a while, it became obvious they needed to get on a real track   …  Pictures and more

Video – 1st Part of the final race at the Musselman P1 track in Tucson, AZ . 5th place overall, 2nd in china engine class. i’m the guy with the “bonneville speed disc” rear wheel passing everyone. awesome filming job by David “Rookie”

Drake visits Barcelona and discovers Dontell, a hidden gourmet restaurant where he helps prepare the meal for his wife.

The next day, it’s more food at La Boqueria, the famous market off Las Ramblas to sample a selection of tapas. With a full stomach and itching to ride, Drake tests out a Volta electric motorcycle.

Continuing the bike theme, It’s off the the Catalunya Circuit to check out the MotoGP scene and drops by the broadcast booth to take in qualifying with British announcers Toby Moody and Julian Ryder. Rounding out his night, it’s more tapas and then some rock n’ roll at El Monasterio.

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