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The following press release from Suzuki discusses its laudable achievement of producing the world’s first fuel cell vehicle to gain approval for safe use on public roads without having to be inspected and tested individually.  Fitting nicely with our article a few weeks ago about hydrogen fuel cell powered vehicles, Suzuki’s breakthrough with this Burgman is part of Suzuki’s effort to make this “a commercially available vehicle.”  Here is the Suzuki press release: 

BREA, Calif. March 10, 2011– Suzuki is pleased to announce that the Burgman Fuel Cell scooter has gained Whole Vehicle Type Approval in the European Union – becoming the world’s first vehicle to  …  Details

If you’re a motorcycle racing enthusiast you may remember the name Peggy Hyde.

Peggy was a competitive racer in the late sixties and early seventies, a time when only men raced motorbikes.

She was also the first woman in the world to be granted an unrestricted racing licence, but the acquisition of that licence came with a fight.

Despite good performances in her early races she was   …  More

For anyone who’s had to leap out of the way of a passing mobility scooter, it’s the stuff of nightmares.

Colin Furze has adapted a conventional electric model into a petrol-engined speedster which has reached an astonishing 69mph.

‘You hear people complaining about scooters going slowly around supermarkets and blocking aisles so I thought it would be a laugh to make a really fast one,’ said Mr Furze, 31, a plumber from Stamford, Lincolnshire …  Details & Pictures

As riders, we’re a different breed of human being. We’re people permanently tethered to a two-wheeled machine. We’re an impulsive, passionate bunch that cannot be tamed or contained by any societal norm. So how do we, the people who draw outside the lines, find room for a functioning relationship amongst the chaos of speed-driven addiction?

Like any other relationship, there is compromise. You can read about the ups and downs and secrets to keeping love healthy in any newsstand magazine or online self-help website. But that’s not the point of this blog. As riders, we not only have to accommodate each other’s needs as people, but also as motorcyclists. So how do you make love last with another human being who is as driven toward a moto-based life as you? It seems the answer would be   …  Details

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