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Off-road truck driver Bryce Menzies will give new meaning to the term “high noon” when he launches his Pro 2 truck over a Southwest ghost town later this year. For the jump, Menzies will pilot his two-wheel drive Pro 2 short course truck, which boasts 900 horsepower and 500 lb.-ft. of torque, over the frontier ghost town located in the American Southwest. With only modest modifications being made to the truck, Menzies will look to exceed the current off-road truck distance record of 332 ft.

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It’s red hot race action in below zero temps when the slopes of Maine’s Sunday River Ski Resort are invaded by winter tuned, 900hp off-road trucks. Bryce Menzies looks to defend his title on a course filled with jumps, chicanes, and high-speed straights.

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Red Bull Frozen Rush finals was packed with plenty of edge-of-your-seat action, like a fight-to-the-line finish between Ricky Johnson and CJ Greaves, and a tense moment when Carl Renezeder’s truck belched a fireball during his run. Each driver had to fight the entire time they were on the course, and several surprises pitched the lead back and forth between competitors.

Qualifier Highlights & Action Recap

Helicopter View of Frozen Rush

Top 5 Moments

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In the natural world, evolution takes place over thousands and thousands of years. In the world of off-road truck racing, natural selection has a much tighter timeline. In 2014 Ricky Johnson realized the possibility of driving Pro4 trucks in the snow – and 9 of the best drivers in the world slapped on snow tires, and left the comfort of dirt racing to compete in the first ever Red Bull Frozen Rush.

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