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The fastest bucket list around

There’s more to American car culture than cruising up and down Main Street, USA. Museums, race tracks, historical sites, and automotive artistry litter the American landscape. Here are ten must-see places every car lover should visit before they die.   …  More

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Seven routes for the four-wheeling surf explorer

Cars and surfers go together like burnt rubber and asphalt. Look at the history – from woodies to hippie vans, Baja-bound super trucks to soccer-mom minivans crammed with hyperactive kids and potato-chip boards. But surfing’s embrace of car culture isn’t so much a hobby, as it is a necessity.

How else would we get to the beach? Ever tried taking public transport with a board in tow? Not fun.

Yet still, there’s more to the car/surfer relationship than transportation utility. Occasionally, you want to   …  More

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Watch the most powerful snowmobiles go head to head in this compilation video. Jet Engine, Turbo, V8 and Nitrous powered snow mobiles top speed runs. Ski-doo and Yamaha drag racing on snow, water, grass and asphalt. Very Expensive High Horsepower Sleds battle for top spot and bragging rights.

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