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The front-engined Corvette is dead. GM head honcho Mary Barra delivered the news last week the final production C7 would be auctioned off this summer.

While the press skimmed the surface of this historic automotive event, The C7’s demise has received little in-depth coverage. Not only is this a melancholy milestone for us ‘Vette fans, but a little bit of  …  More

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If you still don’t believe that electric cars are, at the very least, going to be a big part of our automotive future, then, well, I suppose have fun in your beautiful gasoline-soaked fantasy life. If you’re like most everyone else with eyes and brains, you know EVs are here to stay, and it makes sense to get to know them, deep down. That’s why when we heard that we could get access to three of the most popular EVs on the market, all torn down into their constituent bits, we knew we had to take advantage of this opportunity. And boy, did we   …  Video and More

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The legacy and reality of driving from New York to California in less than two days

The warmth of Nebraska’s afternoon air and the steady drone of the car’s powerful V8 engine had lulled my exhausted body into a deep, although unsettled, sleep. Jolted awake by a sudden lurch to the left, I inhaled sharply, feeling out of place in the right-hand seat of my own car. My armpits were damp and a sheen of sweat glistened on my forehead.

I’d had a disturbing dream about something having gone wrong with the car. Back in the conscious world, the machine was still hurtling westward on I-80   …  More

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They broke barriers and made the automotive world better

Janet Guthrie inducted in 2019

Janet Guthrie is the first woman to qualify and compete in the Indy 500 and Daytona 500. Guthrie made the move from engineer to racecar driver in 1963 when her attempt to become one of the first scientist-astronauts was rejected. Guthrie faced backlash in the racing community but she didn’t let it stop her from reaching her goal. Guthrie has more than 47 races under her belt and has been inducted into the Motorsports and Sports Car Club of America Hall of Fame. Her racing career began in a Jaguar XK 120 for which she built the engine. She’s even reported to have slept   …  More

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