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Koenigsegg And Bugatti Are Still Passive-Aggressively Trash-Talking Each Other

Earlier this week, Bugatti claimed that the 304-mph Chiron could have gone faster if they had gone to a higher altitude place, like, say Nevada. They brought up Nevada, of course, because it is the first high-altitude place that comes to mind and not because Koenigsegg did its record-setting speed run there.

In claiming that they could have gone faster—15.5 mph faster, precisely—if they hadn’t held themselves to such a high standard of safety, Bugatti basically passive-aggressively implied  …  More

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In this video we’ll be talking about things you should NOT do when you’re at the Nürburgring Nordschleife during public driving sessions (or Touristenfahrten in German)

Nearly every weekend (and in the last few hours during the weekdays), the Nürburgring Nordschleife is open for public. This means that anybody can drive any car or bike, that is roadlegal, here at the Nürburgring Nordschleife. You pay for a ticket and you’re good to go!

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Top Gear can exclusively reveal that Bugatti has smashed through the 300mph barrier. On 2 August 2019, Andy Wallace hit a vmax of 304.77mph in a pre-production vehicle of a new Bugatti Chiron derivative at Ehra-Lessien, becoming the first hypercar to break 300mph.

The velocity is verified by the TÜV – Germany’s Technical Inspection Association – meaning Andy and the prototype Chiron supersede previous really, really fast runs from SSC (256.18mph two-way average, 2007), Hennessey (270.49mph two-way average, 2013) and Koenigsegg (284.55 vmax, 277.87 two-way average, 2017) as well as punching through the mythical 300mph target.

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When you think that youre fast but this happens! Fast driving. Street race.

Cars in video:  Miata, mx5, nissan gtr, bike, cbr, yamaha, kawasaki, nissan 350z, 370z, mercedes c63 amg, bmw.

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