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sandxSometimes an idea comes along that’s so awesome, yet so obvious, you just smack yourself on the forehead and ask, “Why didn’t I think of that?” This is one of those times. Get ready for the Sand-X.

The Sand-X ATV, built by a Swiss company of the same name and designed by Platune – the company that penned the monstrous RENNTECH G-Wagen – is the motorized equivalent of a camel, if said camel’s hump hid a rocket pack.

The 0-60mph dash is achieved in just 2.8 seconds. It’s truly all-terrain including sand, snow, pavement and mud…  More info

ice-boat2the middle of Poland’s largest lake covered by ice, a hundred or so speed demons fly across the frozen surface in special sail boats on blades.

Sleek and built to race, the narrow boat hulls are fixed on a base of three gleaming blades and sports sails like those used in windsurfing to harness wind power and roar across frozen water.

“It’s the speed that gives you an adrenaline rush,” says Tomasz Zakrzewski, ranked number fourth in the world in the DN class ice boat racing.

Sailing on ice is his passion.

“Among the disciplines that use wind and sails, it is the fastest. We sail at three times the speed of the wind…  More info



Manvel resident John Hendrickson remembers racing Volkswagen Beetles in his younger days.

Those days are long gone, but he still drives a VW, and this one is different that all those others. That’s because he never has to fill it with gas.

It was while filling his Cadillac at a gas station in 2007 that Hendrickson first thought about building an electric car.

“I thought gas stations were ripping us off, so I decided to just go build my own electric car,” Hendrickson said.

He asked a neighbor if he knew of any VWs for sale. That’s how he learned of another neighbor’s rusted 1972 Beetle that hadn’t been used in over five years. Hendrickson bought it and parked it in his garage.

“It wasn’t much to look at,” he said. “It was full of snakes and fire ants. We had to cut small trees that were growing up through it, and drag it out of the woods.”…  More info

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