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Maybe the first snowmobile what has dropped 500m and driven to home after that 😀

Antti Pendikainen jumped snowmobile BASE jump from 500m high cliff and after that he jumped ski BASE to get the snowmobile 😀 And it still worked! Truely it was immortal snowmobile haha!

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Christmas Presents

Travis Rice and Dan Adams go deep into the B.C. backcountry with Brain Farm and Polaris Snowmobiles on the ultimate reunion ride. More than just a ride into amazing zones to snowboard, they were on a mission to pull off some never-been-done stunts

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We made flying snowmobile and glide down from mountain in Riksgränsen Sweden! Had so epic time to film this. It was very weird feeling when we saw our friend Antti Pendikainen fly same level as a helicopter

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