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You know, it’s easy for reviewers to turn a game like NASCAR Kart Racing into a whipping boy. I was truly expecting to gleefully run the game through the wringer, ready to slam it for being all sorts of terrible things and ruining the Wii library with its expected cash-in crumminess. The problem: the game isn’t bad. Oh sure, it’s a shameful Mario Kart clone with NASCAR rednecks instead of Nintendo mascots, but for what it’s worth the game isn’t an embarrassment to the Wii line-up. NASCAR Kart Racing is actually, you know, fun. ..  More info


Need for Speed has helped to define automotive culture for millions of fans with its embrace of the car lifestyle and its cool rebellious attitude. Electronic Arts has now unveiled the details of what is in store for the franchise over the next 12 months, as the property expands to new platforms, new categories and new media.

Need for Speed is committed to providing unique and customized experiences for all types of racing fans by establishing three independent series; simulation, action and arcade racing. Each series will be developed by a highly-specialized team dedicated to delivering the ultimate racing experiences to car enthusiasts around the world – whether they be interested in adrenaline action, arcade fun or authentic simulation…  More info


Kyle Hathcox has a need for speed.

And this Sunday, the Ahwatukee Foothills teen will mash the pedal to the metal while racing through 12 turns at the Phoenix Kart Racing Association track – the third of 17 races he’ll tackle in Arizona and Southern California through August in his fifth racing season.

What drives the 16-year-old kart racer – who turns 17 Monday – is the dream of becoming a NASCAR driver, a goal he set early in his life and has been racing towards ever since. …  More info