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On July 31, 2009, Anthony Napolitan pulled the first ever double front flip at the X-Games 15 Mega Ramp competition. I happened to be at Woodward Camp on July 20 when Anthony decided he wanted to first try the double front flip on the Mini Mega Resi setup

DOUBLE FRONT FLIP ON A BMX BIKE – Anthony Napolitan from Will Stroud on Vimeo.

Video Cycling BMX – Fun bike jumps into lake

Garrett Reynolds made the trip from New Jersey to Los Angeles with one goal in mind: to return home safely.

Never mind that most riders attempt risky maneuvers to gain an edge. Reynolds has his priorities shelved elsewhere.

But after Friday’s competition, Reynolds can return home accomplished and in one piece. He collected his second X Games gold medal after defending his title in the BMX freestyle street final at Home Depot Center…  Details

Crash Video Cycling BMX – Wipeout Of The Week 30/07/09

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