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One of the best parts of getting in shape is that there are so many different sports you can sample to find what you like. Distance running is a world apart from 5K running and mountain biking is a different animal than road biking entirely. 

But trying new things doesn’t always end well and while you don’t need the most expensive equipment to try something out it is important to have equipment that works  …  Details

A recent move to Greenville, plans to ride Megaramp, solo filming sessions for the Eastern DVD, a wall mural in progress, and new tricks in the works… Welcome to the Kelly Freakin’ Bolton interview.

When did you make the move from Venice Beach, California, to Greenville, North Carolina?
I moved to Greenville from Venice Beach in September of ‘09. The reason for the move was more personal than anything. I really felt like BMX in general was just flying right by me. I remember a time when I didn’t ride for three months just because I didn’t feel like it. BMX is tough to survive on and I felt like I wasn’t getting any younger, so I   …  Details



BMX Video – Demolition Parts presents Dennis Enarson January Edit

When it comes to fan support at this year’s Tour Down Under there’s Lance Armstrong and then there’s….. Arthur Vichot?

Okay, Armstrong you’ve heard of. The seven-time Tour de France champion is the headline act in the six-day race, drawing more than 500,000 people to watch the criterium or the first four of its six stages in South Australia state.

But Vichot? Name doesn’t ring a bell?

Well, …  Details

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