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 In the beginning of action sports, there were surfboards.

When 4th-century Tahitians and other Polynesian groups made their way to the Hawaiian islands, they brought a sport they called paipo, the riding of waves on boards while lying on their stomachs.

Not long after, the now-Hawaiian riders began standing on the boards, and what we know as surfing was born.

Surfing evolved from a religious and royal pastime in Hawaii and made its way to California in the 1920s and boomed after World War II when soldiers and sailors who had spent time in Hawaii took up the sport….  Details


3 and a half minutes of rob dyrdeks best skateboard footage !!!

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first time on a new board i got at a great deal. i still got it.

We’ve all seen barefoot skateboarding, but switch back noseblunts in socks!? Well, to celebrate the release of the DAEWON X ALMOST shoe, Daewon decided to keep his pair crispy and let his feet take

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