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Slash has given up BMX biking. The 48-year-old musician hasn’t given away any of his bikes, but no longer rides them as he is worried he might fall and suffer such a serious injury, he would have to postpone performances.

“BMX is the kind of thing, it’s not just riding around the block, it’s jumping and stuff, so as soon as I get on a bike   …  More

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Covelong Point Classic 2014 will host the annual EarthSync Festival of music.

Sunrise to sundown performances by an eclectic range of traditional and contemporary artists from India and across the globe characterised by meticulous selection of artists, and high quality production and artistic direction

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As man caves go, the studio-slash-garage of Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Sammy Hagar looks modest from the outside. Just a one-story stucco affair in the Marin County town of San Rafael, Calif., nestled amid a series of industrial warehouses. But the car parked in the driveway — a green Ferrari 456 GT — begins to give away the automotive plot.

Just past the non-descript front door, a hallway brims with photos, gold records and other memorabilia from the rocker’s tours of duty as a solo artist, Van Halen frontman and Chickenfoot founder. But at the back of the building, past an impressive recording studio, is a cavernous room with a dozen sports cars. While marques such as Aston Martin, Lotus and Ford take a bow, this space is really all about one brand: Ferrari.

Hagar owns  …  More

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Remember Jimi Hendrix’s 1967 extraterrestrial classic “Third Stone From the Sun,” where he promised the people of Earth that they’d never hear surf music again? Jimi didn’t live to see the 1974 revival of the Beach Boys when they rode a wave of nostalgia through the Bicentennial. Surf music has shown staying power ever since.

Every summer is just an excuse to remember gremmies, baggies and Huarache sandals. We thought it appropriate to list our 10 best songs on the subject of surfing (as opposed to surf-rock instrumentals, although we give “Wipe Out” and “Let’s Go Trippin’ ” honorable mention for at least announcing their titles at the start    …  More

10. – The Trashmen : Surfin’ Bird (1963)

9. – The Sentinals – Surfin Tragedy

Count Down #8 to #1

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