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Aly Demayo and I did a helicopter skydive over a friends wedding a week ago 🙂 It was super fun – Jeb Corliss

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Can this deadly sport be done safely and legally in California? One jumper believes it can.

Daniel Ristow toed a rugged precipice high above a narrow gully near the summit of Mount Morrison and spit into the thin mountain air. The wind carried his projectile left to right, indicating a slight quartering tail wind — maybe 5 to 8 mph. Not ideal, Ristow thought.

It was nearly noon on a cool blue October morning — one of the last quality days of the season for a wingsuit BASE jump from the 12,241-foot peak. The drop-off from Ristow’s perch measured about 600 feet to the gully floor, but he’d have to clear   …  More

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Speedflying “The Waterfall” in Gudvangen. Also called Kjelsfossen.
Pilots: Lehart Eriksen and Fredrik Falck

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In this video I jump from a small cliff near Monte Brento in Northern Italy. There was a fair bit of wind at the exit but I waited and found a gap so I could jump.

The Hike up took about 30 minuets with a few wrong turns

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