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Last month, the Burj Dubai – a skyscraper under construction in the United Arab Emirates, topped out at 2,684 feet. This makes it the tallest man-made structure ever built….

…In May of 2008, an Englishman and Frenchman snuck into the unfinished building and were arrested while attempting to BASE jump from the structure. Unbeknownst to authorities at the time…  Details and video


Smith Optics, a leader in off-road goggle technology, has two words for you this tradeshow season, Graphic Series. New for ‘09 is our innovative and incredibly modernistic line of Fuel, Intake & Piston Graphic Series goggles.

With four new designs now available, there is something for everyone. From the already popular Ink & Daggers, to the brand new retro Zebrah and the star studded Jaded Stars Camo, to the Red Dots with the three carry-overs from 08, Stitches, Khamo, and Blue Dangerous, we have you covered from one end of the color …  More info

For the action sports industry in 2009, it’s all about keeping your head above water.

Already struggling with a glut of inventory, the $14.4 billion industry is forecasting sales to fall as much as 25 percent this year. Some surfboard makers say their business is down 30 percent to 40 percent as consumers put off larger purchases.

With numbers like that, industry insiders say some brands will disappear and the economic undertow will pull down a number of mom-and-pop shops, considered the backbone of the business because of their connection to the core action sports customer….  More info


Money is an emotional issue, especially during economic hard times. Social scientists have always warned that once a person’s basic needs are met money doesn’t buy happiness. But if you’re wondering, or maybe even arguing over, what to do with any precious discretionary income these days, a new study suggests how to get the biggest emotional bang for your buck.

Ryan Howell, an assistant professor of psychology at San Francisco State University, found that buying experiences — such as vacations, going to the theater or renting a sailboat — gave people more happiness than buying material things. The study, of 154 people ages 19 to 50, showed that experiences increase happiness …  More info


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