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Ahmed Erraji has been bodysurfing since the age of 7. Now living in the Canaries, this Moroccan regularly attacks waves that many thought impossible to take in bodysurfing. And yet …

While all of Europe had their eyes riveted last week on Belharra or Nazaré, he preferred to bodysurf a wave of very good size near Lanzarote. Wave also affected by Hurricane Epsilon last week. Without a board and only armed with a pair of fins, Ahmed set out for a memorable ride.

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Watch Mark Drewelow getting barreled at Black’s Beach, in La Jolla, San Diego, California.

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“The Backwash” is an exquisite slab located near Wyalup-Rocky Point, in Bunbury, Western Australia.

In special conditions, the surf break produces a spectacular backwash wave, capable of throwing bodyboarders and surfers several meters high in the air.

Ray Cook, also known as “Cannonball,” is a local legend here.

The lens of photographer Chris McRobb captured one of his craziest stunts on a beautiful day of surfing in Bunbury.

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Adrien Raza BEST OF IG 2020

Urban Compilation w/ Adrien Raza

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