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This year marks the 20th Anniversary of the Women’s Pipeline Pro. 

In 1988 five women got together to start the first Women’s contest at Pipeline. 

At the time there were few Women stand up surfers challenging themselves at the famous spot. It was the “boggieboarders” charging the tubes. 

As time went on Women bodyboarders gained much respect for their athletic abilities. … More info

SURFBOARDING has been a popular water sport in Cherating beach near Kuantan for many years.

The extreme sport attracts scores of teenagers to surf and ride the waves on a surfboard displaying their skills in balancing while manoeuvring within the waves.

In Cherating, the competition for body surfing was usually held during the monsoon season due to the strong waves and wind.

It’s a time when red flags are hung to warn visitors to stay away from the sea, but ironically, it’s the best time for the bodysurfers to take on the waves….  More info


Retailers across the country are yanking shoes, toys, Valentine’s gifts and other children’s goods from shelves to comply with a strict lead law that took effect Tuesday.

The repercussions of the hotly debated Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act, which bans the sale of children’s products containing dangerous amounts of lead and chemicals called phthalates, began rippling through the industry as manufacturers realized the law wasn’t going away….  More info



Like a predator stalking his prey, Patrick Davids’s eyes rarely stray from the choppy green sea, and his radio is always at the ready.

While the assortment of sunbathers, swimmers, and surfers may not know his name, they know what he does and that one day they may owe him their lives.

Mr. Davids, or “Rasta” as he is better known, is a shark spotter who helped set up one of the world’s only shark-monitoring units along beaches in Cape Town, South Africa.

From a cramped beach hut, Davids has helped build up a network of full-time shark spotters on nine beaches, watching over one of the world’s most shark-infested shorelines.

Nearly seven years ago, the former …  More info

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