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Lilly Pollard leads the charge with Pipeline vets such as Neyrama Carvahlo and Daniel Freitas following suit.

Lilly opens up the day with big barrels followed by clean boosting ars’s. Neymara’s smooth tube skills gained her the first 10 of the event while Danielas consist surfing had her progressing into day 2.

Other big performances from Hawaii can in the form of Lindsey … Details

The waves were on and off today like the weather-hot and sunny one minute and cold and rainy the next! There were plenty of barrels to pull in to- but not everyone made it out. 

The competition was fierce, sometimes palpable from the beach; Competitors were fighting for the best position and a hopeful “gem” that might carry them through to the next round. Standouts of today included previous world champion Claudia Ferrari,Daniela Freitas- Ronqullio, Moe Watanabe, Karla Costa Taylor, and Big Island’s Lindsay Yasui… Details


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