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Making the most out of a rainy day yesterday. We went skimboarding in the street and down a really big grassy hill by my house. So much fun! – Austin Keen

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Cabo is a magical place. There isn’t many spots where the water is so clear and the waves abundant. We took a trip to this skimboarders paradise with an all time crew. There was Gerardo Valencia, Yahir Valencia, Zack Carter, and John Akerman that mixed it up better than anything else! The laughs shared and many barrels caught were all captured by Tony Bianchi whom made a killer video for your viewing pleasure.

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The ABA Pro Tour ventured to the west for the first stop for 2018 with the Good Earth West Oz Pro.

Blessed with a rare & solid north swell, the stacked draw saw some of Australia’s best & International’s go head to head in a weekend of hard fought battles. With names like Lachan Cramsie, Joe Clarke, Ryan Hardy, Kyle Ward & Hayato Enokido – one would think it would be easy to pick a winner?

However it was local talent Lee Wilson who fought his way through to the final to claim the bragging rights for the first ever ABA Event at Gas Bay.

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Today was a monumental day for women, and for bodysurfing! We set a major benchmark for the most women to bodysurf a wave! Thirteen hard chargin’ ladies hit the water this morning and achieved greatness! Never been done before, and we challenge all bodysurfing clubs/groups/friends to try and beat our huge achievement

1. Calla Allison (9-time World Bodysurfing Champion in age group, 5-time World Grand Champion-Women), 2. Meredith Rose, (2-time Wolrd Champion age group), 3. Scotti Shafer (2-time World Champsion age group & 2-time Womens Pipilne Masters Champion), 4. Sunny Ricard (multiple time World Champion age group finalist, 5. Angela Oschmann (mulitiple -time World Champion age group finalist), 6. Morgan Launer (multiple-time World Champion age group finalist), 7. Sue Lafferty, 8. Chirsty Hahn, 9. Hayley Nemoroff, 10. Lyn Shafer, 11. Alessandra Barbosa, 12. Colleen Boyd Turner, 13. Sabrina Jutronich (8 years-old Champion, multiple-time World Champion age group finalist)

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