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Mike Stewart returned to the world’s most famous underwater canyon, two years after riding a few giants alongside Dudu Pedra.

Despite the challenging ocean conditions, the Hawaiian bodyboarder, 55, paddled out on his own at Praia do Norte, in Nazaré, and attacked the mighty waves without jet ski support.

The swell, influenced by tropical storm Leslie, was sending waves in the 20-to-40-foot range. Stewart paddled into his mountains of choice and then got back to the lineup using arm power only.

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Stoked News

Over the last two seasons we have been collecting clips for our newest project: Lake Effect. Every rider in this video is what the future of skimboarding in Ontario and beyond has to come. From innovation, stoke, passion, hard working and so on…The Great Lakes continue to drive us to ride in new places, change the way we skim, change the way we think about tricks, its the Lake Effect.

This video contains almost all the skimmers in Ontario, but main parts are dialed into: Keven Caron-Pilon, Jack Bender, Henry Mackay, Ronan Smith, Shaymus Finlay & Wolfgang Quan

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Featuring Chad Barba, Tommy Cantrell, Mike Harris and more.

When the waves are this good and Barba shows up to The Wedge. You know you are in for a treat. Easily one of the best bodyboarders I have ever seen handle The Wedge. His massive takeoffs to pumping down the line for the barrel section this guy rides like no one I have ever seen at The Wedge.

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