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The annual Bud Light ReggaeFest, featuring live bands all weekend and two popular events on the ski slopes, is coming to Mount Snow in southern Vermont, March 27–29. Five bands will be performing at two different locations all weekend.

The Sink or Skim pond skimming competition, a notoriously crowd-pleasing event that dares costumed skiers and riders to skim across a frigid 150-foot manmade pond, will start…  Details


It’s been 10 years since Carla “Jo” Elmore has seen snow, but now she is reminded of it every day.

Two weeks ago she and husband, Tony Bernasconi, put up a privacy fence in their backyard made up of about 350 snow skis. The printed sides of the black skis face the backyard of the squash-colored house. Each ski reads “ORION” in neon green, orange and purple letters. The back of the skis are a black, dark gray color and face NW 39th Avenue.

How the couple’s ski fence came about is the result of a tight budget and an imaginative boss.

The original fence was damaged in the 2004 hurricanes. Then when another one blew through town a few years ago, a huge tree in the backyard fell and finished off the fence as well as the couple’s greenhouse….  Details
















Heading into the lodge for a midday hot cocoa? Adorable. Plan on leaving your Nidecker Swarovski-studded snowboard in the rack alongside the “normal” boards? Better not. Have a portable vault handy instead.

Actually, why the hell are you even snowboarding on one of these things in the first place? …  Details


Each weekend this winter the 20-something founders of Bean Snowboards have trekked across New England, often in a borrowed bus, setting up their display tent at ski areas and proudly spreading the word that their boards are “Made in Boston.”

Indeed, their two products, “The Commonwealth” and “The Violator,” are handcrafted in Brighton inside a rented, 400-square-foot cinder block garage – the same type of humble origins that launched big name companies like Apple and YouTube, not to mention Burton snowboards.

…  Details