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What do you do when all your local trails are covered in snow? Well if you are World Cup rider Fabien Cousinié you rip them up on a snowscoot instead. We don’t know about you lot, but we reckon these things look like ace fun!

In the video Fabien Cousinié is joined by Enguerran Aubry and both are riding Blackmountain Snowscoots. One thing we didn’t realise before now though is that Fabien isn’t just one of the best downhill riders   …  Pictures and more

It’s easy to drop well over a grand on skis and bindings. When you’re carving up the corduroy first thing in the morning or getting first tracks in 20 inches of powder, those skis are worth every penny. Being on a budget, however, doesn’t mean you’ll loose out on quality skis. The following models may be priced on the lower end of the scale, but they’re high in performance. We cross-referenced price, rating and tester comments from our 2013 Ski Test to provide you with the top value skis so you can enjoy the snow without breaking the bank    …  More

The President has an Inaugural Ball, Kings have their Coronations, YallAboard has a Winter Adventure Expo Party. To kick off a new era of adventure, YallAboard, Amesbury Sports Park, Social Boston Sports, and SnowRiders are forming the new dream team to put on the event that billions of years of evolution have been trying to create.

Think about what would happen if you threw free snowtubing, gallons of booze, hot air balloons, a banana, and a bunch of prizes into a blender and hit the “Puree” setting. Now imagine an event ten times better than that injected with animal growth hormones, and you might have an idea of what the Winter Adventure Expo Party will be …  Details