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…had a severe sense of d?j? vu after first playing Snowboard Riot on Wii. Shushing through this downloadable title, it dawned on me: this is just a clone of Snowboard Kids, but with hipster characters instead of the oversized anime boarders that were used in Atlus’ previous designs. You don’t get much in this ten dollar purchase: four uncreative slopes with absolutely no single player progression. Its focus is more on the pick-up-and-play racing, but with very little at stake (and with some of the most obnoxious rubberband AI routines ever), there’s not much draw in Hudson’s competitive design.

Snowboard Riot isn’t so much a snowboarding game as it is a racing game on snow…  More info…


Like a climber heading toward a mountain summit, West Yellowstone’s winter season is about to reach its peak. With a ski race and snowmobile expo slated in March, West Yellowstone, the gateway to Yellowstone National Park, offers families and outdoor enthusiasts a rich value for their vacation dollar. The park is open through March 15 to over-the snow travelers who want to experience this winter wonderland by ski, snowcoach, snowmobile or snowshoe, all from one location.

“With an average annual snowfall of 143 inches, snow conditions just get better and better toward the end of the winter season,” says Marysue Costello, director of the West Yellowstone Chamber of Commerce. “And, West Yellowstone’s free or low-cost events, tours and outdoor pursuits help stretch vacation dollars, offering maximum bang for a visitor’s buck. Check out our ‘Sweetheart Specials’ for discounts on lodging, restaurants, and tours during the month of February.” …  More info


A deadline is fast approaching on February 10 that could potentially be deadly for the youth motorcycle and ATV market. In less than two weeks, the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008, enacted August 14 of last year, will go into effect and ban all products designed for children ages 12 or under which contain lead over specified limits. The Specialty Vehicle Institute of America and Motorcycle Industry Council are attempting to get an exemption for ATV and motorcycle parts…
…What exactly happens on Feb 10 for motorcycle dealers?
“On February 10 large inventories of motorcycle and ATV products that present no health risk to children could be rendered retroactively illegal and future products prohibited from sale. These products may need to be destroyed resulting in severe hardship for dealers and manufacturers in the motorcycle industry. Along with the current state of the economy, this may be a hit that dealers and manufacturers will not be able to recover from…  More Info…


LAS VEGAS — Wandering the exhibition floor at the annual snow sports industry trade show is a little like skiing a mountain for the first time. One trail leads to the next; around every bend is a new discovery; and six hours later, you’re exhausted from taking it all in. Then you wake up the next day and do it all over again… More Info…