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A video made by me while driving on one of the World’s most dangerous road. Watch the breathtaking journey from Killar in Pangi Valley , Himachal Pradesh to Kishtwar, Jammu and Kashmir.This stretch from Killar to Kishtwar between two villages Ishtyari and Tyari is also know as cliffhanger and is one of the most dangerous, scary, and exciting road patches of India. Incase you don’t know i had made a video of this stretch last year which went viral all over the world.I hope you would enjoy this video as well.

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Robb Talbott came of age helping his family make a fortune in the luxury necktie business. Then he turned to grapes, and with his father made another fortune with Talbott Vineyards, an upstart Carmel Valley winery that became one of the premier central California labels.

Along the way, between the ties and the vines, he rode motorcycles — street bikes, desert bikes, trail bikes and more.

Now the entrepreneur is enshrining his love for the bike by turning his personal collection into the West Coast’s biggest motorcycle museum  …  More

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Despite a weak economy that is impacting sales in its powersports business, Polaris Industries (NYSE: PII) is still smoking the tires in motorcycles, giving it the horsepower to take on the industry behemoth, Harley-Davidson (NYSE: HOG).

In its just-completed first-quarter earnings report, Polaris said motorcycle sales were going full throttle at 18% year-over-year growth while the overall large-bike industry — the 900 cubic-centimeters-and-up market — was relatively flat. Moreover, since Harley-Davidson continues to report falling motorcycle sales, it means Polaris is stealing more market share from its rival. Harley may still own half the U.S. market, but Polaris is quickly gaining, and it soon may be a   …  More

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Indian Motorcycle is growing at a faster rate than its motorcycle rivals, a welcome sign for Polaris (NYSE:PII) as it seeks growth in the U.S. and beyond.

Polaris is competing for a bigger piece of a market long dominated by Harley-Davidson (NYSE:HOG), which controlled about 51% of U.S. motorcycle sales in the first quarter. Globally, Harley-Davidson’s quarterly motorcycle revenue increased 5% to $1.3 billion, far exceeding Polaris’ sales total of $188 million including parts and accessories.

Still, Polaris says   …  More

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