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Okay, I admit it. I’m a wheelie-holic. I’d practice wheelies on my bicycle, but I’ve been absolutely addicted to them since discovering an engine’s anti-gravity effects on a dirt bike’s front tire when I was 12 and abusing my amazingly durable Suzuki DS80 on the Canadian prairie.

I became fascinated by wheelies – the delicate art of lofting the front wheel and carrying it as far as possible. And I believe most riders are captivated by a long, well-controlled wheelie, no matter if they want to do them or not   …  More

Thousands of bikers from around the country roared into the D.C. area on  Wednesday in a show of support for Sept. 11 victims and in solidarity against a  controversial Muslim rally on the Mall.

The 2 Million Bikers to DC ride might have fallen short of 2 million strong,  but the numbers were impressive. A line of shining chrome and steel bikes  stretched   …  More

After being denied a permit by DC officials, who had previously granted a permit for the 1 Million Muslim March, the 2 Million Biker Run rolls into DC.

Unconfirmed rumors report that federal agents and MD police were harassing/arresting anyone they could at the meeting spot for the MD contingent, shown riding in here.  Other groups are riding in from VA and other directions.

WASHINGTON — Two million bikers plan to ride through Washington, D.C. on Wednesday to commemorate 9/11 and honor the victims and members of the military called to serve after the terrorist attacks.

On their Facebook page, the group said they will “stand by the Constitution,” stating they are “against any fundamental transformation of America.”

The group said the event is ”to remember those who were killed on 9/11 and honor our Armed Forces   …  More

Harley-Davidson Inc. has unveiled 2014 touring and trike motorcycles, developed under the name Project Rushmore, that have liquid-cooled engines and touch-screen electronics more akin to luxury automobiles.

Eight models were retooled and enhanced under Project Rushmore, making it the largest new model launch in Harley’s history, the company says. The unveiling comes as Harley plans to celebrate its 110th anniversary in Milwaukee over Labor Day weekend.

“This is beyond anything we’ve ever done   … More

 Polaris Industries Inc’s relaunch this month of the Indian motorcycle, a storied U.S. brand older than Harley-Davidson, has pulses racing on and off Wall Street.

But should investors in the maker of all-terrain vehicles, snowmobiles and motorcycles be tightening their chin straps for more fun ahead – or   …  More