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2013 – The worlds only turbine streetfighter, made by Team MadMax in Guernsey, UK. Uses a Rolls Royce Allison C20 450hp @ 6000rpm Shaft Turbine (400lb of torque @ 6000rpm). First ever test outing at 2 mile long airfield @ RAF Woodbridge, UK – 2013. Speed 200mph ++

The entire design and manufacture of carbon/kevlar tail unit and tank, gearbox, bespoke wiring, LED tail and headlight, CNC sprockets, subframe, race steering damper and brackets, titanium spindles, brake brackets, kick and centre stands, switch gear, rear sets, modified MTT swingarm and frame, adjustable rake step down slab triple tree (yokes) were all designed and made by Team MadMax in Guernsey. Marzocchi 50mm USD race forks, ISR special big piston 6 pot CNC monobloc brakes + carbon steel rotors(discs), 240mm/18 inch rear BST high strength Carbon Wheel, 120/70/17 front carbon BST wheel, Nitron rear race shock. One off Water/meth injection system for extra bhp to take it to 500bhp.

2014 – A 500hp road legal Turbine Bike riding back home to Guernsey from the Helitech show 2014 (Amsterdam) – 1200miles!! The bike was exhibited on the H&S Aviation/Dallas Airmotive stand. Contains a specially modified Rolls Royce C20B with water/Meth injection and a one off built FADEC/ECU system, built by Maxicorp Autosports for MADMAX race team. The MADMAX bike holds the world record for the fastest ever turbine wheel powered motorbike and fastest streetfighter (road legal) motorbike @ 224.9mph over a standing mile – Elvington, York 2014

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This is pure madness on two wheels! Witness 200mph between hedges and walls, on the limit and on-board with Michael Dunlop at the TT 2013 races!

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Kenny Noyes versus Sylvain Bidart… Two different worlds go head-to-head. Two worlds fuelled by the same passion. The love of a challenge, of superlative performance and adrenaline

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Erik Buell Racing, an East Troy motorcycle manufacturer previously owned by Harley-Davidson Inc., has ceased operations.

The company, with 126 employees, also is filing for court protection from creditors, Buell said Wednesday.

Erik Buell Racing is the sequel to Buell Motorcycle Co., which was owned by Harley-Davidson Inc. for more than a decade before Harley dropped the brand in 2009.

Initially, the new company produced hand-built $40,000 sport bikes for road-racing enthusiasts. More recently, it geared up to build a mass-production motorcycle that sells for about $19,000 but has a similar racing pedigree   …  More

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Freestyle motocross legend Robbie Maddison has a friend named Chris Ackerman. In March 2003, Ackerman suffered a freestyle accident at Dumont Dunes that potentially could have taken his life. He sustained a broken wrist, dislocated shoulders, collapsed lungs, shattered pelvis, broken ribs and a C-2 spinal cord injury that left him a quadriplegic.

Since then, Ackerman’s will to live has blown the mind of Maddison and everyone who knows him. In fact, Ackerman mentioned to Maddison how he would love to feel the wind in his face. This spurred the idea of putting Ackerman in a motorcycle sidecar and taking him for a ride. On a magical night recently, Ackerman in fact got to enjoy the freedom that riding bikes brings him thanks to Maddison and the close-knit FMX family.

The video here chronicles that experience and the special relationship between Maddison and Ackerman.

“Chris truly does have wings for life,” said Maddison. “I am thrilled to bring a smile to his face and confirm that life is not over when you have an injury like this.”

Maddison will be running in the Wings for Life World Run on May 3 in Santa Clarita, Calif. This World Run is dedicated to funding spinal cord injury research around the world. Registration is open till April 28 and people can run or donate at:  wings for life world run

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