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It’s one thing to write a new story, to start with a blank sheet and create something fresh from the ground up. This is how Polaris built its Victory brand, meeting with considerable success. This isn’t easy—not by a long shot—but there’s a certain freedom in doing things on your own terms, without history weighing a project down. Reviving the iconic Indian Motorcycle line—Polaris’ second motorcycle act—is something different altogether. Not only does the company have to create a new generation of compelling, marketable Indian motorcycles, but it also has to tend to all the memories, desires, and expectations—both good and bad—consumers inevitably associate with America’s oldest motorcycle brand. No easy job there   …  More

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4800km via motorbike across Southeast Asia. Grand journey!

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Harley-Davidson‘s (NYSE:HOG) 2014 results, announced on January 29, highlighted how the iconic heavyweight motorcycle manufacturer is committed to deriving growth from international markets and through new product launches more suited to the current trends. The company’s motorcycle revenues rose 5.9% last year, and net revenues crossed the $6 billion mark for the first time since 2006.  Overall motorcycle shipments grew 3.9% to 270,726 units, in line with the company’s guidance, which was previously lowered to 270,000-275,000 units following Q2, from the estimated 279,000-284,000 units, as bad weather and low customer demand in the U.S. stalled sales.

The U.S. forms approximately two-thirds of the net shipments for Harley, and, as expected, subdued retail sales in the country, which were up only 1.3% in 2014, kept a check on the company’s overall retail sales. Harley’s net retail sales growth has slowed to   …  More

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Riding across America is the dream of many motorcyclists. The notion of traversing the U.S.A. on two wheels has a certain romantic aspect; 4000 miles unspooling before you like reels of an old, epic film. A lone rider and his/her machine, dusty and stoic, sharing tales of the road with strangers at every stop but never lingering in one place for more than a meal or a night’s sleep.

Unlike some things in life, the dream is not let down by the reality of actually doing it. Every ride across America is special – I’ve done it four times, and each trip provided unforgettable moments   …  More

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Think the Harley-Davidson LiveWire project was just a stunt for shareholders? No one can say for certain, of course, but the Bar & Shield brand is continuing its search for experts in electric vehicle production…which we doubt anyone would have believed 10 years ago.

Right now Harley-Davidson has two positions posted on its career portal — a Staff Technical Engineer and a Advanced Manufacturing Project Engineer — both of which refer to an EV/Electrical project at Harley-Davidson.

As if that wasn’t enough  …  More

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