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It’s hard to talk about the motorcycle industry in 2017 without talking about Indian Motorcycles. Sales for the Polaris-owned brand have been soaring with double-digit growth while another American cruiser brand which will remain nameless is struggling. Motorcycle sales in the States are down overall but that hasn’t stopped Indian from growing its market share in big bikes from three percent to ten percent in just one year. The boys in Milwaukee still have a comfortable lead in the segment, but the gap is closing faster than anyone could have predicted.

So what’s the secret? What’s the special sauce behind Indian’s success? We reached out to Indian’s marketing director Reid Wilson to find out   …  More

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We stretch before we run, we stretch before we lift weights, Rossi stretches before he rides, as does every professional motorcyclist. So why don’t you? It doesn’t matter if you’re touring, doing a track day, or riding single-track, stretching can benefit everyone by helping to give you full range of motion while also getting your muscles warmed up to work more effectively. If you’re sore after a long day of riding, stretching can help if done immediately afterwards as well as the next morning before saddling back up. You want to keep those muscles from becoming short and tight, which causes them to function less efficiently and can lead to injury. Another tip to help with muscle soreness   …  More

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Motorcycling has always been more of a male dominated sport, and I think that’s the result of the obviously inherent dangers that come with the territory of swinging a leg over a bike. If you actually think about it, the idea of riding a motorcycle is pretty crazy. When you’re going down the road, assuming your tires are properly inflated, there’s only about a square inch of rubber on each tire that’s touching the ground at any given moment. Yet somehow  …  More


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The Sturgis Buffalo Chip is the largest festival experience in motorcycling and it gets bigger and bigger every year. Take a glimpse at all the craziness inside The Best Party Anywhere™ in 2017 where racing reigned supreme and the stage rocked louder than it ever has in history. This is the place you want to be when you come to rally in the infamous prairie outside of Sturgis, SD. Every year the Black Hills hosts hundreds of thousands of bikers who come to the epicenter of motorcycle culture. The Sturgis Buffalo Chip has been the heart and soul of that gathering for over 35 years. Join us and become part of the Buffalo Chip family in 2018 and in the future. Ride Free, Take Risks!

The Sturgis Buffalo Chip motorcycle and music festival is widely known among bikers and music fanatics as the Best Party Anywhere™. After you watch this video you’ll see why.

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