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I met Jim Carducci at a popular twisty-road rest stop a few months back. I was riding with a friend from Nevada and he said something like, “We’re going to meet up with this guy who’s making a dual sport out of a Sportster.” I groaned and replied with, “this ought to be interesting.” I was expecting some kind of hacked-together abomination, but I couldn’t have been more wrong. The Carducci Dual Sport SC3 prototype is a work of art—from the angular, CAD-designed structures to the flowing, organic shapes of the aluminum fuel tank.

Fast forward to December, and   …  Pictures and more

The article, 10 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Date a Motorcyclist caused quite a reaction, not just because of the suppository laxatives and not least from readers who disagreed. So, we thought we’d examine the topic from a different perspective. Would you believe we found an actual woman who rides motorcycles to write this one? — Ed.

I got a chuckle from last week’s “Ten Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Date a Motorcyclist”. But something in the satire made me feel…I don’t know…guilty for laughing. I mean, if you re-read the thing (and I think you should), you’ll see this is clearly a cry for help. First of all, the author uses the word “motorcyclist” to exclusively define the heterosexual male rider, so right there, you know he’s either ancient or been hiding under a rock. Either way, you shouldn’t laugh at these people. Secondly, the poor guy must be so beat down by   …  More

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