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Combine Honda Motors France and Jean-Michel Bayle and this is what you get …enjoy!

Honda vous présente l’épisode 2 du film SURFACE. Plus intense et encore plus sensationnel, assistez à une expérience extraordinaire ! Un pur moment d’adrénaline !

Erik Buell’s motorcycle assembly line has been running about a month, and already Buell is worried about not having enough space as he ramps up production and kicks his engineering efforts into overdrive.

“These are wonderful problems to have,” Buell says as he walks through the plant where the first Erik Buell Racing production motorcycles are being assembled for delivery in February.

The plant’s layout was designed by a former automotive industry engineer who was fed up with big companies and, like Buell, wanted to challenge the status quo   …  More

I met Jim Carducci at a popular twisty-road rest stop a few months back. I was riding with a friend from Nevada and he said something like, “We’re going to meet up with this guy who’s making a dual sport out of a Sportster.” I groaned and replied with, “this ought to be interesting.” I was expecting some kind of hacked-together abomination, but I couldn’t have been more wrong. The Carducci Dual Sport SC3 prototype is a work of art—from the angular, CAD-designed structures to the flowing, organic shapes of the aluminum fuel tank.

Fast forward to December, and   …  Pictures and more

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