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For years, there was no point to making a list of the fastest road motorcycles. Bike makers agreed to limit speeds at 186 mph in order to escape the wrath of safety regulators from Japan to both sides of the Atlantic. As a result, only a few bikes kept pushing the limits while others claiming to stay at the prescribed mark could only offer minor upgrades or track-only extras to increase a bike’s power quotient.

In recent years, superbike makers have began pushing motorcycles to top speeds that leave those old limits behind. The titans that publicly respected speed barriers continued improving the technology   …  More

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I’ve never been swarmed by thousands of angry bees, but I guess this must be what it’s like. A brief glance in my rear-view mirror tells a scary tale. They’re everywhere. I look at the speedometer. It reads 130 mph – on a treacherous mountain pass, no less. Speed limits? There are none. This is “Mad Sunday” during the Isle of Man TT. A time for mere mortals to venture onto the 37.7-mile course, likely hung-over, aboard two-wheeled missiles capable of 200 mph. It’s fun to pretend you’re John McGuiness or Joey Dunlop, at least for the day. But for me, rocketing down the country lane in my dad’s two-seater sports car – with hedges, trees and quaint Manx pubs blurred beyond recognition – it’s bloody terrifying.

A group of six or seven bikers fly past   …  Pictures and more

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Here at MD, we have had spirited debate about electric motorcycles. Some of the issues include the relatively short range offered by these vehicles and their high initial purchase price. Maybe you have been taking for granted that electric vehicles (both cars and motorcycles) are more climate-friendly than their ICE competitors.

To answer the last question, you must of course consider the entire carbon footprint, including but not limited to the source of the electricity used for the vehicle. Many states use dirty fuels such as coal and petroleum to generate a large percentage of the electricity available to electric vehicle owners   …  More

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Fast moving vehicles lacking a roof, doors, a trunk, seatbelts, etc., are prone to stuff falling off them. No matter how dutiful you are in securing objects to your motorcycle you’re eventually going to lose something. Whether due to wind or vibration, a forgotten tab, unclicked lock, loose connection or unzipped pocket, something of value to you will find its way to a temporary roadside residence until found and claimed or junked by another   …  More

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When On Any Sunday premiered in 1971, it wasn’t just any movie. Directed by Bruce Brown — who also helmed surfing classic The Endless Summer — this insider look at motorcycle racing reached a wide audience that was fascinated by the heartfelt stories of real-life riders, earning an Academy Award nomination for Best Documentary Feature.

Four decades later, On Any Sunday: The Next Chapter shows that the passion for riding motorcycles is as strong as ever. Bruce’s son, acclaimed filmmaker Dana Brown, directs this modern take on the original, capturing what it means to ride in the United States and globally. Shot in 4K Ultra HD, the action and emotion are breathtaking: phenomenal athletes, revolutionary innovators, Hollywood stars and even visionaries who use moto to save lives. On Any Sunday: The Next Chapter journeys deeper into the humanity and excitement of motorcycle culture across disciplines — the passion for the race, the love of family and friends, and the thrill of the ride.

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