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Ulster GP 2012* . North West 200 . Isle of Man TT

I’ve not heard many riders complaining about the performance of their S1000RR, but the new HP4 has greater mid-range thrust and revised electronics. But then again, Ducati has done very well from making special high-performance versions of its superbikes, so why not BMW?

Visually there’s little to distinguish it from the stock S1000RR apart from unique paint, some discreet badging and a serial number on the top fork yoke. But there are some effective dynamic differences, such as  …  More

We’ve seen it happen before, a couple of guys start talking over a few beers, one of them says, “Ya know, I bet I could put one of these engines in that bike,” and if he has the skills to pull it off, the project begins. I have no idea if this bike began like that, but Cedric Smith, a service tech at Everett Powersports in Everett, Washington, is the brains behind this one, an 1800cc flat six from a Gold Wing mated with Honda CBR bodywork.

Sure, the CBR’s handling will be somewhat compromised, but that’s not the point and anyone who’s been   …  Pictures and more

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