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motorcycle-graveLike elephants, motorcycles have their common burial grounds where they go to die. Unlike elephants, parts off these dead bikes come back to keep their compatriots alive.


In Denver, the motorcycle graveyard is located just west off Santa Fe Blvd. at Union. It is called Steele’s Cycles. The address is 2025 W. Union Ave.

Steele’s sells a bit of everything. Their showroom holds about 80 bikes of all sorts, from cruisers to dirt bikes with a good share of sport bikes. Accessories and other parts are stored inside as well, and then there is the outside.

Outside you’ll find the carcasses of hundreds of motorcycles of all makes and models. If you’re looking for a frame, or a fork, or …  More info


… immediately thought about Dan Pastor. I knew that Dan had been riding here and there because ESPN contribution photog Garth Milan told me that he had done a photoshoot with him recently. I also knew that Dan’s been surfing his ass off, but I that’s about it. He’s obviously been out of the spotlight as far as FMX goes, so I decided to hit him up and see what the hell he’s been doing to pass the time… More info


james-stewartJames Stewart prefers that you know him as a seven-time supercross and motocross champion, a daring, spring-limbed rider tearing up tracks, kicking up clods of mud in breakneck turns and leaving his competition to stare at the hot-pink “Bubbalicious” logo stitched to the dusty seat of his pants.

In the mind of this dirt-road warrior, his winning should make him memorable. That he has captured all five major championships by the age of 23 …  More info

…a few random things to point out today. First off, Travis Pastrana and Johnny Knoxville have teamed up for a new Jackass type of TV series that is going to be airing on MTV soon. Apparently, it features stunts from all genres of extreme sports and anything that falls in between. What does this have to do with BMX? Well, not a whole lot at the moment although there are a couple clips in the trailer below that show a BMXer by the name of, Hubert Kowland. Who is Hubert Kowland you ask? Maybe he just owns a BMX bike but I’ve never heard of him. I’m not sure if more BMX is scheduled to be involved in this, but judging from my experiences hanging out with Hoffman and Knoxville last summer, I’m sure Hoffman and others will be involved. I’m just wondering what kind of stunts will be going down, cause the trailer looks ridiculous! It’s like Jackass hyped up on steroids but without all the sick vomiting and bodily fluid antics…  More info  

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