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A British man has broken a cycling speed record, hurtling down a runway at over 174 miles per hour (280 km/h) on a custom-made bike in what he called the “biggest rush you’ll ever experience.”

Neil Campbell, 45, broke the men’s record for fastest bicycle speed in a slipstream by seven miles per hour at an airfield in Yorkshire, England on Saturday, detaching his vehicle from the back of a Porsche and   …  More

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In the 1970s, the signature fat-tired mobility mode of beach towns managed to turn vacationers into bicycle riders.

If you hit the beach this summer, you’ll see them. Fat tires. Wide handlebars. Candy-colored retro-looking frames.

That particular kind of bicycle is known as a “beach cruiser.” While it looks like a nostalgic holdover from the Eisenhower era, the bikes that ramble along boardwalks of America’s beach towns were born in mid-1970s. And   …  More

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On Saturday afternoon at Pier 15 a squad of 35 electric vehicle riders whiz past a pair of women enjoying the waterfront. “What is this, a flash mob?” they ask in disbelief. Kevin Grandon, riding an electric unicycle in padding that makes him look like a futuristic soldier, replies with a smile: “We’re electric nerds!”

For a day, I became one of those nerds, joining the Bay Area Esk8 group on their Saturday social ride.

As an urban cyclist, electric skateboards, scooters, and unicycles zoom past me in the bike lane at speeds that would earn them a ticket in a school zone. I envy the power of their vehicles, but like many people, I have a knee-jerk distaste for   …  More

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