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The nation’s top cycling authority made an unprecedented move Wednesday when it awarded Bend a second major bike-racing championship.

USA Cycling has named Bend the host city for the 2009 and 2010 Junior, U23 & Elite Road National Championships. Dates for this year’s event are July 28-Aug. 2.

Six weeks ago Bend was selected by USA Cycling to host the Cyclocross National Championships, also a two-year deal. The 2009 cyclocross championships are scheduled for Dec. 10-13.

USA Cycling officials stated in a news release that…  More info 


When it comes to bicycles, now the operative word is “functional”.

Inside the Woodstock Bike Gallery store, up front by the entrance, are the bicycles that sell well these days — and they aren’t mountain bikes.

“The future is functional city bikes,” declares store manager Ryan Manner, as he gestures toward a display of road bikes…  More info

It’s the end of the month, and the cops can’t seem to scribble out tickets fast enough. I’ve seen them waving down bikers in Isla Vista and perched along the bike paths on campus, ready to pounce on skateboarders. The man in blue seems to be in a state of frenzy.

 long time ago, a distant cousin told me – among other loony conspiracy theories – that cops need to meet a certain quota of tickets at the end of each month in order to keep a good standing. I didn’t really believe him or really care, at the time. To be honest, I still don’t completely believe it, but I can’t help noticing a bit of a pattern. Cops are usually present, handing out a few citations to remind us that they’re watching, and…  More info…

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