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Weighing just 2.7kg, find out how this bike got turned into a lean, mean climbing machine.

Building a light bike can be fun but also very expensive. There are however weight weenies out there whose sole aim is to build the lightest bike possible.

The lightest road bike ever built is a custom-made concoction that was originally the creation of one person, Gunter Mai. This same bike has since been rebuilt to be even lighter by Fairwheel Bikes, a bike shop in Tucson, Arizona. We take a look at the story of this bike and how it came to be  …  More

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It wasn’t long ago that a dream road bike started life as a frame in your hands.

You would then pick the parts – wheels, groupset, bars, seatpost, saddle – that best suited your preferences and wallet.

While this is still entirely possible today, at the top end of the market it’s a lot trickier, as brands design their own components to function with the frame.

Take the latest   …  More

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BRECKENRIDGE — It was just a tap on the back of the helmet from a buddy. But it sent freeskiing superstar Justin Dorey tumbling, once again, into darkness.

“Each time the recovery time would double,” said Dorey, whose career of podiums was earned despite countless crashes and at least a dozen concussions that eventually left him huddling in a dark room, all but incapacitated. “It’s ridiculous how small of an impact it takes to take me out for a year and a half.”

The issue of concussions are front and center in the world of sports, thanks largely to well-publicized …  More

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