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Road Bike Party 2 is here! Martyn Ashton and two very special guests take you on a new journey with a new bike in RBP 2.

Incredible stunts and amazing tricks all completed on a £15,000 Colnago C59 Italia? It can only be a Road Bike Party! Lycra-clad trials legend Martyn Ashton’s first Road Bike Party was a YouTube sensation, so a sequel HAD to be made, bigger and better than before! Martyn was in the middle of filming when his life was transformed by an accident during a trials display which has left him paralysed from the waist down. Courage, determination and great friends have helped Martyn to complete his vision for what a Road Bike Party is.

Bryony Shaw is a fan of cycling, especially during the winter season. She considers it a base level training to prepare for the windsurf racing events.

Shaw is part of the British Sailing Team, which competes at the highest level, at the world’s top sailing venues. At 30, she is the first ever women’s windsurfing medal for the British Olympic team.

“This time of the year, I will try to get out on the bike at least 3-4 times a week, riding for at least two hours a time which can be great fun when you   …  More

The U.S. Bicycling Hall of Fame welcomed four new members earlier this month at its 27th annual induction ceremony, held on the campus of the University of California – Davis on Nov. 16.

Earning a place in the hall of fame were Doris Travani-Mulligan, Mike King, Beth Heiden Reid and Vince Menci.

Doris Travani-Mulligan began racing bikes at the age of 12. After placing sixth the year before, she won her first Amateur Bicycle League road race national championship in 1947 at the age of 18. She would continue that victory streak for the next three years, and remains the only American woman to have won four consecutive road national championships. She also won the International Dirt Track Championships in 1947 and the International Sprint Championships in 1948.

Racing since he was 6 years old, Mike King has earned titles in a number of off-road disciplines. In his first year as a professional, he won the 1987 BMX Supercross World Championship at the age of 18, and followed that up   …  More

Deux North, a cycling brand started by James and Dylan Nord, brings you Hunt 3. The third in a series of ten trips around the world. These hunts brings a group of young, passionate people together in a new place to rediscover the things they love about cycling. Seeking to answer why we love riding our bike by creating experiences outside of comfort or familiarity.

Deux North wanted to tell a different story about the things we love about cycling, but what they found was that the love was more powerful than any single experience and that their same passion exists everywhere.

Hunt 3 brought five cyclists from their home in New York City, to the foothills of the Adirondacks Mountains. They set up camp outside of Boonville, New York. Washing in the river and cooking meals over the fire, they rode out of their primitive setting everyday to ride hundreds of miles of beautiful roads.

When they weren’t on the bike, the hunters visited the area’s largest event of the year, the Woodsmen Field Days. They set to meeting a seemingly different lot, lumberjacks and lumberjills. In the stories of the lumberjacks, Deux North discovered they too were hunters. The same passion driving Deux North’s cyclists to ride the most beautiful roads in the world, was behind every axe throw, chain saw, and log roll in Boonville, NY.

Cycling in the cold with the wrong gear can be so miserable you’ll start to feel tears running down your face, so consider these options to keep you warm—and riding into the winter

When the temperatures start to drop below 50 degrees, many cyclists think about heading indoors. But thanks to advancements in fabric and clothing design, temperature changes don’t automatically mean it’s time to pull out the indoor trainer. Consider adding these seven items to your kit drawer and you’ll be cool weather cycling long after the leaves fall   …  More