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Perfect for athletes. Get your varibike out as soon as the weather looks promising and go wherever you want. Thanks to its efficient vari-drive, you are unbeatably powerful and fast. And whilst you’re on the road, you also train your whole body effectively.

“There are bike lanes all over New York,” they said. “It’s cheaper than driving and nicer than the subway,” they said. What they didn’t say is that it’s pants-shittingly terrifying. They should.P

I’d finally completed a “hipster-hotrod” conversion on an old Schwinn I’d found at a yard sale: frame stripped of paint and clear-coated, handlebars flipped upside-down, single-speed rear hub, and an enormous rear tire from a horse cart fitted for dragster-esque swagger   …  Pictures and more

The Tyne Tunnel in Newcastle will host the inaugural main event of Velocity Street Racing on Friday 13th September 2013.

A new dynamic niche in cycle racing providing a thrilling visual and sensory experience for both competitors and spectators.

With £1000 prize money for male and female winners, and 1000 spectators lining the tunnel walls… This is one race you don’t want to miss.

CORBINFIBER Antares on Mulholland Snake

Dave Watson – 2002 Tour de France Gap

Romain Marandet, a French mountain biker, launched more than 25  feet over the lead group of racers as they labored up a steep climb during the  20th stage of the 2013 Tour de France.