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It has been described as a metropolitan bike ride with a bit of style.

And today in London, despite the persistent showers, The Tweed Run celebrated its fifth birthday of its route through the capital.

Riders are expected to keep things traditional in terms of their ‘cycling attire’ as well as boarding a vintage bicycle   …  More

Here’s a machine that will make even the most dedicated weight weenies drool – this complete road bike tips the scales at a truly staggering weight of 2.7kg (6lb).

Originally owned by German cyclist Gunter Mai, the first build started out at about 3.3kg (7.3lb), dipping as low as 2.9kg (6.4lb) in Mai’s posession. But don’t for one minute think of this bike as an exhibition piece that’s never properly used. Mai and others put more than 20,000km on it over a period of two years.

As it stands today   …  Pictures and more

The second annual “Napa Bike Fest” ( is happening on Saturday, April 27 at 500 First St., at the Oxbow Public Market south parking lot.

Organizers Napa Bike (a.k.a. Napa County Bicycle Coalition) said Bike Fest features a bike swap, KIDical Mass, BMX stunt show, four types of rides (including a ride with mountain bike icon Joe Breeze), great food and live music from Napa musicians.

Sponsors include:   …  More

Ever had one of those days when you couldn’t decide whether to head for the horizon on your road bike or hit the trails with your mountain bike? Now imagine a bike vacation where every day is like that. Yeah, it sounds pretty awesome to us, too.

Don’t get us wrong; we love us a good bike beer-cation or foreign road tour as well as long trips to the trails, but give us   …  Pictures and more