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You’ll no doubt have read the shocking news over the weekend of the UCI detaining a bike at the cyclocross world championships due to a suspected motor hidden inside the frame. But just how easy is it to hide a motor in a bicycle frame without anyone noticing and how does it work?

– Mechanical doping at Cyclocross Worlds confirmed

What is mechanical or motor doping?

As the name suggests motor doping is using an electric motor hidden in the bicycle frame to boost performance. Motor doping is part of a much wider form of cheating known as mechanical doping.

No surprise then that it’s very much against the rules of bicycle racing. In UCI speak it’s called technological fraud which is prohibited under article   …  More

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Belgian cyclo-cross rider Femke Van den Driessche has denied any knowledge of the motor that was discovered in her bike at the World Championships in Zolder on Saturday. In an emotional interview with Sporza, Van den Driessche – joined by her father – said that she had been surprised by its presence and said she was innocent.

“I didn’t know anything about it. I don’t know how that bike got there. I was surprised to see that bike standing there. It’s not my bike. There’s been a mistake  …  More

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El italiano, que ostenta 10 récords Guiness, desafía las leyes de la física con su bicicleta Su exhibición en el tejado del edificio de Terrazas del Portezuelo, como se puede ver en el vídeo adjunto, es sólo una pequeña muestra Actuará todos los días en las salidas y llegadas de cada etapa para calentar el ambiente

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These guys are crazy bombing public mountain roads on drift trikes at high speeds. It’s always fun hanging out with these guys and playing on trikes. All of their trikes are made by them. We definitely want to get a couple for ourselves haha.

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