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June 2013 a group of friends known as “Bike for Kam” cycled from Los Angeles to San Diego to raise funds and awareness for HIBM (Hereditary Inclusion Body Myopathy); a rare genetic, progressive and severely debilitating muscle condition. It is no longer about finding the cure; it’s about funding the cure.

3 weeks after it was stolen, Rock The Bike crewmember Kai spotted the heavily customized Mundo cargo bike locked to a signpost in the Mission. He emailed a photo and we gave it a positive match. We asked him to please put a lock on the bike. We borrowed an angle grinder from Cyclecide’s Big Daddy and made a plan to come back the next morning with a 2-bike Pedal Power system.

“Why not put a massive pulse jet on the most rubbish bike to hand seems a cracking idea to me HAHAHA”

LAKE COUNTY, Calif. – Denny Salisbury’s best friend is his bicycle, the one the former Marine corporal will ride to encircle Clear Lake – a distance of about 100 miles – on Sunday, June 9, in honor of his compatriots in arms who were fatalities of the war on terror in Iraq.

The distance is no big deal for Salisbury, who will be joined by other members of Ride 2 Recovery Patriot Guard Riders on his ride. He is a regional rider for his Northern California project team.

Bicycling for an infinite number of miles has been the one true aid in Salisbury’s five-year quest to rehabilitate himself from the wounds and agony he suffered in Iraq and since then.

Along with other program members in October of last year, he completed   …  More

i know it feels like this movie has a happy ending but after i finished it with a happy ending everything fell apart and now the ending is anything but.

The thief portrayed in this video was my friend Oscar.