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MANY CYCLERS STRUGGLE WITH ISSUES such as wanting a newer bike, with having few riding buddies that don’t show up consistently, or with drivers disrespecting bike lane rules. But in Afghanistan the National Women’s Cycling Team have to deal daily with accusations of immorality and serious threats of violence. These inspiring women have been fighting some pretty harsh stereotypes for years to stand up for their freedom to ride. For that, they’ve been nominated for a 2016 Nobel Peace Prize   …  More

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Filmmaker Raphael Pöham and his twin brother Elias Pöham teamed up with brothers Josef Sjönneby and Martin Sjönneby to create the most impressive unicycle video ever made. Watch the team of brothers ride the streets of Barcelona combining impressive tricks with creative filming techniques.

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Welcome to Road Bike Parkour!

The two times world record holder, bikeshow & stuntrider Max Schrom take you on his journey to do some road bike stunts! Earlybirdpictures, Hammer-Luftaufnahmen, and Max wanted to show riding and filming at top level.

Road Bike Parkour 2 – Snow ride by Max Schrom

Inspired by the big Road Bike Party and Freestyle films we searched for new ideas and we found them! To ride on snow with your roadbike is impossible? No – Max did it!

An incredible edit of roadbike stunts in the sun of Barcelona (Spain) and the Snowpark-Kaunertal in Austria. The first ever ride in a snowpark by using a normal roadbike, a trampolin and a complete ride on a longboard.

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Is this the next step in drift evolution????

Maybe not but was a fun experiment so thought i had to share it with you all.  So as you all love pulse jets and seem to want them on everything here we go I stuck one on me drift trike.

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