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Stoked News

Stoked News

Technology was supposed to be the end of bike messengers – until some couriers managed to make it their means.

The number of messengers in San Francisco has plummeted in the last two decades, but the surviving courier companies are getting a boost from tech and the on-demand lifestyle it enables.

As companies including Google, Amazon and eBay rev up their same-day delivery vans, startups are turning to bicycle messengers   …  More

Stoked News

Taking a downhill corner with speed and confidence could shave minutes off your time. Team Madison-Genesis rider Liam Holohan provides a few pointers to help you make the most of gravity and hit the bends like a pro!

Confidence is key

The key with any corner on a descent is to be smooth and confident. This comes from having a bike that fits you correctly so you’re comfortable and balanced. A reliable pair of tyres with  …  More


This is Iowa, home to great numbers of bicycles, gravel roads and cold days, creating just the right challenges for the spring renegade sport of gravel racing.

Bicyclists gathered at a country tap on a late March Sunday. There’s a shocker.

But what was surprising to a group of plainclothes middle-age women also gathered at the Cumming Tap (for fun, their potluck snacks laid out in Tupperware on the bar), was that anyone would think it amusing to mount a bicycle and race 45 miles on gravel roads through brisk 20-degree air.

They should have known  …  More