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Is putting your bike in a box the most stressful thing a cyclist can do? Breaking your hard-earned pride and joy into pieces, putting these into a case and handing it over to a baggage handler is the most gut wrenching thing I’ve had to do as a cyclist.

I’m heading off to ride the HotChillee 2013 Alpine Challenge, a three day event based out of the French Alpine town of Annecy. Having ridden the HotChillee London to Paris event earlier in the year I know I’m in excellent hands and that all I will need to do in the next few days is relax and ride.

But I’ll confess I’m a bit a worrier and   …  More

A video taken from a bicyclist’s perspective captured an ugly incident involving the town police chief and a group of riders, highlighting the tensions that remain in Rye between cyclists and their detractors.

The three-minute clip starts with a group of about a dozen cyclists traveling 30 mph in the shoulder along Ocean Boulevard. They appear to be riding two abreast, but part suddenly as they ride up on Rye Police Chief Kevin Walsh standing like a statue on the white line of the travel lane   …  More

A woman in Vancouver whose bike was stolen discovered someone was selling it on Craigslist and went about stealing the bike back in a hilarious tale she shared on Facebook and Reddit.

Kayla Smith had her bike stolen from a friend’s house last Wednesday and posted on Facebook, “that I was disappointed and sad because I had worked so hard for the bike. I absolutely love, love, love my bike. So needless to say I was choked.”

She called   …  More

Perfect for athletes. Get your varibike out as soon as the weather looks promising and go wherever you want. Thanks to its efficient vari-drive, you are unbeatably powerful and fast. And whilst you’re on the road, you also train your whole body effectively.

“There are bike lanes all over New York,” they said. “It’s cheaper than driving and nicer than the subway,” they said. What they didn’t say is that it’s pants-shittingly terrifying. They should.P

I’d finally completed a “hipster-hotrod” conversion on an old Schwinn I’d found at a yard sale: frame stripped of paint and clear-coated, handlebars flipped upside-down, single-speed rear hub, and an enormous rear tire from a horse cart fitted for dragster-esque swagger   …  Pictures and more