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Kenny Smith, Robbie Bourdon, Thomas Genon, and Yannick Granieri join Semenuk as they resurrect a section from NWD 10 with the help of Intern despite being a bit preoccupied. The dirt in Retallack helps form some of the best single track trails that the boys have ridden.

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On the first day of National Bike To Work Week, the League of American Bicyclists has released its 2015 Bicycle Friendly State ranking.

For the eighth year in a row, Washington continues to lead the nation, but states like Massachusetts, Pennsylvania and Utah moved up the ranking in 2015, shaking up the top 20.

How does your state rank?   …  More

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The protection of wilderness areas, and their intersection with public lands has made headlines in recent months. Recently, Bike discovered a gargantuan wrongdoing levied against mountain biking on those same hiking trails.

The debate

Bike reports, “Today, there are 762 wilderness areas in 44 states comprising nearly 110 million acres. Alaska, California, Arizona, Idaho, and Washington are home to the biggest chunks of wilderness. Nearly 12 million people visit Wilderness areas each year — you just can’t do so on a mountain bike.”

The land grab happened   …  More

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“BMXer Pat Laughlin travels to Shanghai, China, and lands an unthinkable trick over the Mini MegaRamp: a bike-to-bike transfer.”

Big Daddy has a little bit of experience messing around with something like this, but never on a scale like this. Honestly, I can’t believe he actually pulled it. And, just for the shit of it, really, since this is just practice. Well played.

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